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This seal card ROCKS!

Play along with Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty. 

To add to the confusion, The Jungle Book and The Little Mermaid  were both confirmed as Fall 2013 Diamond Editions in the UK, while The Jungle Book was kept on hold in the US until February 11, 2014.

The legendary heavy metal titan King Diamond has been confirmed to headline Brazil's Liberation Festival, to be held in Sao Paulo on June 25th, at the prestigious Espaco das Americas.

Upon its initial home video release, The Lion King 1½ was accompanied by with a marketing campaign tie-in with McDonald's with six Happy Meal toys including Simba, Rafiki, Timon, Pumbaa, Mufasa and Ed. [3]

It’s actually pretty incredible how a cheap plastic mask can make a totally innocent costume transform into something absolutely terrifying. Plus, you never know what  really could be hiding beneath those fake faces.

The song "Welcome Home" and lyrics from the song "Invisible Guests" were featured in the movie Clerks II . "Welcome Home" was also featured in the 2009 video game Brütal Legend .

King Diamond - HalloweenKing Diamond - HalloweenKing Diamond - HalloweenKing Diamond - Halloween